Cheerz Intellishots Hangover Prevention, Party Smarter

Cheerz® helps make the morning after as smooth as your drink the night before, so you wake up with your head as clear as a bell, instead of sounding like one.

Cheerz' European formula includes a proprietary blend of super-antioxidants and immune system boosters based on pinus succinifera, or succinic acid, a key dicarboxylic acid in the Krebs cycle. Originally extracted from the fossilized resin of 40 million year old Baltic pine trees, succinic acid has been a popular natural protectant against ionizing radiation, infections, alcohol and other toxins in Europe for centuries.

In 1993, the Russian Academy of Sciences developed a similar supplement to bolster the immune systems of victims of a chemical nuclear accident in Siberia that spread gamma radiation over populated areas. Known for their love of vodka, many who took the supplement were pleasantly surprised to wake up without the usual unpleasant 'morning after' effects.

Take one IntelliShot with up to 4 standard adult beverages, or as needed for optimal vitality. The recommended serving size for iTabs is one for every 2 standard alcohol drinks, or as needed.

Endorsed by doctors including a liver specialist:

"Based on my experience as a liver transplant specialist and my anecdotal observations both personally and with family members, as a supplement the Cheerz product is remarkably effective with moderate social alcohol use." Dirk P. Slaker, M.D., gastroenterologist, hepatologist

"As a physician and scientist, Cheerz appeals to me because it is superior to other products that are merely activated charcoal or repackaged vitamins." - John P. Shen, M.D.

Cheerz is a nutritional supplement that strictly follows FDA guidelines for safety and good manufacturing practice. It is intended to promote health, vitality, and above all, responsibility. The product does not affect inebriation, absorb alcohol, or lower BAC. Always drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.